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XL Axiata

XL is the second largest telecommunication company in Indonesia. Following their strategy to focus on adoption of data services as well as enhancing customer loyalty and sales, XL will need to differentiate from its competitor. This first experience store is located at Central Park, Jakarta. I was involved in the creation of the branding and identity design, environmental graphic and wayfinding. The presence of XL XPLOR is applied holistically in a physical space, through digital content and retail merchandising.
A set of collaterals for a curated exhibition of young contemporary artists around the South East Asia region. The show celebrates the spirit of freedom and creativity, inspired by music, design, street art and pop cultures.

extraxtwit Logo Design

One of the first team I worked with right after college. They're still my favorite. An alumni chapter was established late 2011 and they need a logo. After a few discussion through emails and BBM, we've settled on a design.

Namecard Design

Lauryn Ishak
When a photographer, a letterpress artist and a designer come together to collaborate, the result is these wonderful namecards that are simple yet unique. Images courtesy of


HP Space

Conceptual sub-brand Identity Design for DKNY Jeans, Switch, including apparel designs and production. A full outfit made out of table cloth, tent fabric, banner materials and hardwares.